WinXP Manager 6.0.5 – Tweaker dan Optimizer Windows XP yang Komplit



Publisher: Yamicsoft
Official site:
Version: 6.0.5
File size: ± 5,4 Mb

Seperti namanya, WinXP Manager memang berfungsi untuk melakukan optimasi terhadap Windows XP. Program yang sudah memperoleh banyak penghargaan ini, memiliki banyak modul yang menyediakan pengaturan Windows XP yang komplit.

Di tampilan utamanya, WinXP Manager memiliki tujuh modul. Modul information, optimizer, cleaner, customization, security, network, utilities, dan about. Berikut penjelasan lebih lengkap mengenai masing-masing modul:

Information: Includes SystemInfo, Product Key, Process Manager, Optimization Wizard: These features can show detailed system information; show detailed information of running processes and threads; help you to find back the product keys of Microsoft. Optimization Wizard help you to improve system performance.

Optimizer: Includes Speed System , Tune up Services, Multimedia, Startup Manager, System Repair: These features will Optimize the entire system to improve performance by tweaking your hardware, multimedia devices and system files to improve system performance. Allows the user to add or delete programs started with windows. Repairs Internet Explorer and certain other System Components to restore these functions.

Cleaner: Includes Disk Analyzer, Junk File Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Registry Defrag, Unnecessary Files, Smart Uninstall: These features can find out what files or folders engross your disk space; clean unnecessary, obsolete and invalid files to increase Hard Disk space and improve system speed; Registry Cleaner can easily search invalid values and paths, uninstall messages and delete invalid file references in windows registry; Registry Defrag rebuilds and re-indexs your registry to reduce application response time and registry access time; Smartly uninstall or log off selected installed programs.

Customization: Includes Customize System, Context Menu, Icon Manager, Wallpaper Changer Set context menus of mouse right clicking; tweak system icons; change your desktop wallpaper automatically on background.

Security: Includes System Security, Drives and files, File and Folder, Privacy Protector Activation File: These features can improve your system security; restrict access to drives and files on your system; encrypt/decrypt or shred files, camouflage Folders, change the location of system folders; ensure your privacy and keep sensitive information secure by regularly eliminating these tracks that you leave behind; backup or restore Windows and office xp, 2003 activation files.

Network: Includes System Network, IE Manager, Outlook Express, Favorites: These features can optimize your network system, set your Internet Explorer more easily, backup and restore the data of Outlook Express to improve security.

Utilities: Includes Windows Utilities, Shutdown Reminder, XP Visual Style,  Logging on Time: Show the collection of Windows utilities; shutdown or reminder at specified times; apply XP Visual Style to any Windows Applications; restrict logging on times.

About: Includes Options, Help, Register, About.


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